How to: VC legal protection request (incl. downloads)
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written by Nina Hinkerohe


The VC offers its members who have been registered for at least 3 months a legal protection. A personal request for legal protection has to be granted by the VC board and finally needs to be processed by the VC legal department. Since this process will take time, it is necessary that we now send out our legal protection requests with some lead time to the specific information expected from LAT. As soon as the VC has received the offer from LAT, they can then take immediate action.

VC Members without private legal protection are represented by the in-house legal department. VC Members with private legal protection insurance can independently find a lawyer but let the VC pay the excess.

What do you need to do:

Step 1

Read the “Rechtsschutz How to – Readme” file.

Step 2

Please fill out the attached Excel file “Rechtsschutz_LHGXXXX-Y” for each course and name it according to your course number and send it to us completely filled out by October30, 2020  (

Step 3

Please fill out the attached “Legal Protection Request” in accordance with the instructions below and name the file according to the nomenclature and send it to by October 29, 2020.

Add the following text to your email:

“LAT plant die Pilotenschulung auszulagern. Hierdurch sehe ich eine Verletzung meines Schulungsvertrages.
Es wird voraussichtlich nach einem anderen, konzernfremden Syllabus unterrichtet. Die zugesicherte Qualifikation für einen Direkteinstieg in die Eurowings Gruppe soll wegfallen. Voraussichtlich sollen Zusatzvereinbarungen unterschrieben werden, ohne die das Training nicht fortgesetzt wird”

How to fill out the legal protection request:

Employer: Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH (LAT)
Employment from: Startdate of your training
Employed as: ATPL-Flugschüler
Home base: Bremen
Monthly gross salary: 0 €
Opposite party: Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH (LAT)
Description of situation: “LAT plant die Pilotenschulung auszulagern.”

What do you specifically want?
My desire/claim:
– den Erhalt meiner LH/LHG/EW-Direkteinstiegsqualifikation (preservation of my EW-ab initio status)
– eine Schulung weiterhin an der EFA in Bremen (training at EFA)
– Schadensersatz (compensation)
– etc.

Should you consider signing the termination contract:
I intend to sign a termination contract. My desire/claim:
– die Rückzahlung der Verwaltungsgebühr (payback of the administration fee)
– Auszahlung des Sign-On-Bonus (pay out of the Sign-On-Bonus)
– etc.

Do you have a private legal protection?

IMPORTANT: Check if your legal protection covers employment law!

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