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written by Denny Burghard Rambow



Dear friends and fellow students,

It is a great honor for me to finally be able to bring this platform to life. Thanks to Jonas Ruf (P318) for the support !!! Thanks also to all of you for your trust and your registration.

On the news page new content will be added regularly. Everyone can participate and write posts. Please contact me via email for access.

There is also a forum set up. True to the model of Pilotenboard.de, this should become a platform for exchange and insider knowledge. Votes and elections will also take place there in the near future.

In the member directory you can get an overview of all members and filter them.

The short term goal now is first to unite here as many students as possible. Each of you should, if possible, join the Union Vereinigung Cockpit as soon as possible. It’s free for flight students. Please change your info regarding your membership in your profile. Please keep your profile up to date and upload a picture. You can change your LAT / EFA email address under your account. Simply enter a new e-mail, enter your password and save it.

This platform has already caused a lot of work and costs and I would be very happy if any volunteers can be found who are familiar with WordPress, HTML, CSS and Co.KG and could help me in the future. Just write an email. Thank you!

First of all, have fun exploring our new community and if there is any further content or important news, you will be informed by email. You are nevertheless welcome to regularly check the news page or the forum for updates.

You will probably encounter tons of errors in the matrix of this website. Feel free to write report them or post them in the special forum set up for this purpose.

Best regards from Berlin!
Denny (P118)

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